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I serve the Westmoreland, Armstrong, and Allegheny county areas of Pennsylvania, providing legal advice in the following areas of law:


Family Law

Family disputes can be destructive to all parties concerned. They are emotionally charged and confusing. As your attorney, I will make sure that I first understand your needs and your priorities. It is my goal to be your strongest advocate in any negotiations or legal procedures that may become necessary. I will guide you through any and all proceedings, including:

• Divorce

• Spousal support

• Child custody

• Child support

• Division of property

• PFA's

• Name Change

• Adoption

Estate planning

We would all like to postpone thinking about our own demise, but if you wait too long, you run the risk that your loved ones may not receive exactly what you want them to. One of your goals as you enter into estate planning may be to preserve the maximum amount of wealth for your intended beneficiaries. I will work with you to establish your needs and your intentions and then do my best to help you realize them. The two most important documents in any kind of estate plan are your will and your durable power of attorney. Depending on the scope of your estate, the planning may also involve the drafting of the following documents:

• Medical Directive (also known as a Living Will)

• Testamentary Trust

• Irrevocable Trust

• Special Needs Trust

• Guardianship

• Estate Administration

Personal injury

As your personal injury attorney I will evaluate your claim to determine the amount of your loss, including all medical expenses, salary loss, as well as pain and suffering. It is my obligation either to negotiate a fair settlement or to present your case in a courtroom before a judge and jury to ensure a positive outcome.

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